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To create an anthem for one of Italy’s most beloved club night, Trance Gate, is no easy task. But Fabio XB did it. He translated the soul of this event with two powerful anthems: ‘Luminary’ & ‘Ascension’.
Each Trance Gate event is another celebration, uniting those that share love for trance music. And as every trance lover knows, the trance sound doesn’t let itself be caught into merely one style. So, Italian producer Fabio XB decided to give it his all and came up with two anthems. He dedicates ‘Luminary’ and ‘Ascension’ to Trance Gate, with a pack of remixes to make sure each listener finds its favourite.
The Fabio XB mix of ‘Luminary’ is energetic, melodic and contagious, while the Fabio XB & Yves De Lacroix Crescendo Rework & Intro Mix kicks it off with a grand, impressive intro of orchestral elements. The remix of Dutchman RAM gives ‘Luminary’ an extra push of energy, raising the BPM and kicking in just a tad harder than the other mixes.
The Manuel Le Saux remix of ‘Ascension’ is a solid, uplifting anthem, built of soothing strings and pounding beats. Last but not least, there’s the bulky, deep Amex remix of ‘Ascension’, which heads towards the darker progressive side of trance.
All in all, a great pack to represent the highly valued Trance Gate events.

1.Luminary (Fabio Xb Mix)
2.Luminary (RAM’s NRG Remix)
3.Luminary (Fabio XB & Yves De Lacroix Crescendo Rework)
4.Luminary (Yves De Lacroix & XB Intro Mix)
5.Ascension (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
6.Ascension (Amex Mix)