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The voice behind megahits like Armin van Buurens Shivers, Ernesto vs. Bastians Dark Side of The Moon and Rex Mundis Nothing At All speaks up. On Closer, Dutch vocalist Susana introduces you to her multifaceted voice, as she joins forces with some of the best producers in dance music.

Vocals can enrich a track, make it stronger, bring emotions and translate what instrumental sounds cant express. In the past 7 years of her career, Susana has intensified productions to great success. Even though the main territory of EDM has long been that of DJs and producers, its vocalists are gaining ground and have a bigger platform to perform on. Susana:The biggest changes since the start of my career, is that Im now much more aware of who I am as an artist. I really found my spot in electronic dance music and have a clear idea of where my preferences lie within the genre. So, when plans for a Susana album originated I immediately knew I wanted to be more involved in the creative process as well. Armada Music follows this movement, and presents a new concept with Closer. Susanas artist album has the format of a compilation, with each track being a collaboration with other producers in dance music. Dash Berlin, Omnia & The Blizzard, Mike Shiver, Josh Gabriel, Julian Vincent, Tenishia and Stoneface & Terminal are some of the names that Susana worked with, setting forth a diverse sound. The first single, Closer, a collaboration with The Blizzard and Omnia, will be released in early May, along with a matching music video.

The Closer album is a vocal-driven ride into deep, melodic trance and lush down tempo break beats. Susana: My experience is that losing yourself in a song can actually bring you Closer to yourself, as it awakens certain underlying emotions and, in a sense, at least thats how I feel, sets you free for a while by relieving you of daily burdens. I hope my album will do the same for those who listen to it.
Track list:

1 Closer (feat. Omnia & The Blizzard)
2 Give Me Faith (feat. Mike Shiver)
3 Nothing At All (feat. Rex Mundi)
4 Frozen (feat. Josh Gabriel)
5 Sleepless Ocean (feat. Dark Matters)
6 Wired (feat. Dash Berlin)
7 The Other Side (feat. Tenishia)
8 Sunrise (feat. Stoneface & Terminal)
9 Unwind Me (feat. Dark Matters)
10 Never Mine (feat. Jorn van Deynhoven)
11 If I Could (feat. Bart Claessen)
12 Running On Your Love (feat. A Force)
13 Fall In Deep (feat. Julian Vincent)
14 Connection (feat. Espen Gulbrandsen)
15 If You Should Go (feat. Armin van Buuren)

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