Eelke Kleijn – Moments Of Clarity [OUT NOW] [Mini Mix]

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Built around the concept of sudden strokes of genius and fleeting brilliance, Eelke Kleijn’s third artist album sees the Rotterdam-based, multi-discipline composer return to the basics while building on all of his previous works. Smoldering since 2016 before flaring up like a twelve-part blast of inspiration, it limelights the Dutchman’s ability to craft up evergreen dance floor tracks, capturing a slightly more organic side of him through framework cuts such as first single ‘The Calling’, both versions of ‘Maschine’ and ‘Lost Souls’.

Hypnotizing, unpredictable and saturated with the sounds of his modular synth, the album shows all the different directions its creator’s mind wanders into whenever he sits down in the studio. From the wonders of the ambient title track to the surge of inspiration flowing through any of the other melody-centered songs, these are the creative sparks everyone can accurately refer to as Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Moments Of Clarity’.

Album Tracklist:
1. Maschine 1.0
2. Lost Souls feat. Ost
3. 1,000 Lights
4. The Calling
5. Drive
6. Glass Waves
7. Punta Cana
8. De Orde Van De Nacht (Part 2)
9. Mojo’s Tale
10. Maschine 2.0
11. Moments Of Clarity
12. Rene´

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