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Eco his upcoming album “M(you)sic, is out on July the 1st.
Straight from the beating heart of entertainment and the city that never sleeps , it’s melodic gold that reaches out to the rest of the globe. It’s the sound of Marcello Pacheco that pours down in golden drops of melody, beats and everything else needed the EDM-loving soul desires.

The journey called Eco started in early 2007, as his ‘Light At The End’ and ‘Paradise Now’ burst into the trance scene, praised by the DJ elite and loved by the crowds. Now, four years and a handful of stunning originals and remixes later, Eco presents his debut album: ‘M(you)sic’.

With consistent support from DJ’s like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and many more, Eco managed to make his name as one of the most promising producers of today.
‘Light At The End’, ‘Tonight Is Forever’, ‘And We Flew Away’, ‘Borealis’ and ‘Lost Angeles’, each of his productions are original pieces of whatever dance style inspires him at that very moment. Eco:”Music is just like any other creative art.
It’s like Fyodor Dostoevsky writing a long novel, Salvador Dali painting a ceiling mural, Richard Serra sculpting a piece of steel, or Zaha Hadid designing a museum.
I’m approaching it in this way. It’s not all about the hands in the air and dancing wildly; a really good trance song has substance. I try very hard to sound a bit different than some of the other guys out there.”
It’s time to outgrow that talent tag and take the next step in his musical career: ‘M(You)sic’.

A genuinely, well-constructed album filled with future classics, representing the signature Eco sound in 17 strong originals. ‘M(You)sic’ closes the gap between the indie rock movement of today and the electronic music of tomorrow, taking you on an extraordinary musical journey. Eco:”I really wanted it to be an 80 minute statement, a journey for people to get lost in. I want it to be more than the sum of its parts, something that can only be truly understood, loved, or appreciated if heard from start to finish!

This is wishful thinking, but above all, I want it to be something that true all-around music-lovers can listen to and say ‘wow, that’s pretty good!’.”
And it is.

From the enchanting warm intro, to the break-beatish ‘Architextures’, rapidly unfolding piano masterpiece ‘Electric Poetry’, mesmerizing prog-trancer ‘Change The World’, energetic two-piece trancer ‘Mali’, flowing on to the strong finish of ‘Over Paper Skies’. Collaborations with talents such as Breakfast, Eller van Buuren, Radmila, Jezza, Einat and Kerry Leva, swirl with solo-pieces of absolute quality.

‘M(You)sic’ is an album that gets under your skin, like a new found love.