DIMMI & Zeeba – Found U (Official Music Video)

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Breathe in… breathe out… Pretty simple right? It’s the easiest way for a bearded individual to relax. Not so easy for a fish out of water, though. The Bearded Man once spotted a little fish that flopped out of the sea, gasping for air. What was once so easy for the fish became impossible in the absence of water. If The Bearded Man is motivated by one thing on this earth, it’s by the pursuit of love. It’s not like he’s *attracted* to fish mind you, but something about this particular fish was, well, pretty sexy. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling, probably for both of them. Still, a voice inside told him he had to do something. So he scooped up the little fish and tossed it back into the water. Boom. She turned into a mermaid instantly. “I KNEW it!!” He said. He couldn’t finish the thought before she reached up and dragged him into the water, shoes on and all. The two of them splashed around for the rest of the day. Great times had by all. The real question is: who found who?

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