Andy Moor – Breaking The Silence Volume 2 is out on March 4th 2011.

An audio reflection of music, as it is right now. The time has come for Andy Moor to break the silence once more with the next installment of ‘Breaking The Silence’. 2 years after the first Volume, Grammy-nominated Andy Moor gives a welcome indication of where he is.
Andy Moor’s style and sound has a reputation of its own, a mature sound representing quality, patience, groove and melody, his constant boundary defiance is encapsulated in and being the first to discover the next evolutionary breakthrough in dance music. Highly ranked in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100 for years and head of his very own AVA Recordings label, Andy has kept himself busy in the past 15 years of his career. Treasured for his remixes, productions and collaborations and loved for his relentless energy during gigs and performances, Andy stands in an imposing position on the music spectrum of today.
‘Breaking The Silence Volume 2’ will treat its listeners to fresh and exclusive tracks from the AVA Recordings label. Established artists such as Ashley Wallbridge, Tydi and David Forbes compliment up and coming producers such as Ben Nicky and Masoud. This second Volume also premieres a new Andy Moor collaboration with M.I.K.E called Spirit’s Pulse, a blend of both sounds that will please booths sets of fans.
Where CD 1 explores the deeper, progressive side of Andy’s style, focusing on strong melodic themes infused with groovy baselines, CD 2 gives the perfect representation of his overall musical taste and style for a club setting. It is a musical roller-coaster offering high peaks of melodic energy, accompanied by progressive strands which keep the mix interesting and distinct. ‘Breaking The Silence Volume 2’ clearly shows Andy Moor’s understanding that electronic dance music today is not only enjoyed full throttle at clubs and major dance events, but also throughout everyday life.