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Ever since the release of the famed ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’, Dash Berlin has had the pleasure of travelling the globe, from one gig to another. In between flights, he’s observed many of the earth’s wonders. From bounty island beaches to snow-covered cities, a world of difference was always just one flight away. Throughout his travels, one thing remains the same though: everywhere he goes, music unites thousands of world citizens.

Kept exclusively for the new United Destinations 2011 compilation, but now finally revealed for its full release, is Dash Berlin’s ode to mother Earth: ‘Earth Hour’. Dedicated to the awareness event of the World Wildlife Fund, when world citizens participate by turning off all non-essential lights, ‘Earth Hour’ calls attention for an important message. Like music, planet earth is something we all share. Dash Berlin created the anthem to raise awareness among his global fa n-bass, using music as a universal language.

Besides that, it’s an anthem that knows how to bring a crowd to its boiling point. ‘Earth Hour’ bursts with energy, sweeps over with a pair of stunning synths and explodes with heartfelt melodies from start to finish. This one crawls under your skin and gets you moving, letting the earth feel its trembling dancefloors.

Additional to the package is a great remix by critically acclaimed producer Juventa, who holds the main ingredients of the original, but surely knows how to keep his own style that builds up to a fierce uplifting main room trancer.