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A favorite of Coldharbour followers over the years, Brazil’s Danilo Ercole begins 2012 in impressive fashion, with two tracks that illuminated Markus Schulz’s Los Angeles ’12 compilation.
Regularly contributing to the label with tech-laiden yet beautiful melodies, Danilo’s previous efforts such as Harbour, Below the Equator Line and Water That Birds Don’t Drink helped establish his credentials as someone to keep an eye on. Setting the tone for disc 1 of Los Angeles ’12, A Man with Two Names immediately registered itself as a fan favorite, with the listener taken on a journey combining deep moments with euphoric.

Danilo’s own Club Mix gives the track a more uptempo feel, and provides a nice alternative to choose when planning DJ sets.
Quasar is also found on LA’s first disc output, and follows in similar vein to Water That Birds Don’t Drink. Throbbing basslines with an incredibly catchy melody is the order here. To give the track a different dimension, Danilo invited fellow Coldharbour alumnus Styller, fresh from a huge release of his own on the label in the form of All That Remains and Quantum Mechanics, to give Quasar a nice melodic flavour.

Danilo proves with both tracks that he continues to go from strength to strength, particularly with consistent plays in Markus’ livesets. Between A Man with Two Names and Quasar, at least one will appeal.

1. A Man With Two Names (Original Mix)
2. A Man With Two Names (Club Mix)
3. Quasar (Original Mix)
4. Quasar (Styller Remix)