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Armando Velasquez and Andrea Saenz always try to be different. Small coincidence they’re residing under the Da’Others moniker. They flew off with ‘Flight 778’ halfway 2008, to land themselves with ‘Viva La Vida’ a few months later. With their characteristic mix of house, electro and minimalistic techno, theyve been making name like no other.
‘Spaghetti With Bumblebees’ is about to do the same. Divided into 2 Parts, where Part 1 is a feel-good houser that hits in deep and Part 2 is a calmer, more progressive track, ‘Spaghetti With Bumblebees’ sounds exactly like the names tells you. A bit different!
A very melodic remix by Dinamyk and sturdy, big room remix by Sebastian Reza complete the package.

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