From Dabruck & Klein – Hands On Armada, Vol. 2 – Unmixed
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It has kicked in and left a crater on the dance floor. Dabruck & Klein stirred things up with the second volume of Hands On Armada, the compilation that features brand new remixes of some of Armada’s biggest (future) classics. Dabruck and Klein brought you a ride into diversity, deep bass and mind-blowing highlights, with 22 new remixes. For everyone that love these remixes, we now present the unmixed, extended version pack of the album!

Dabruck & Klein have put their hands on legendary classics such as ‘Veracocha — Carte Blanche’, ‘The Ultimate Seduction — The Ultimate Seduction’, ‘Ransom — My Dance’ and some of today’s hottest productions, including tracks by Armin van Buuren, Dark Matters, Dash Berlin, Ørjan Nilsen and more. Find all of the 22 Dabruck & Klein remixes on ‘Hands On Armada, Vol. 2 — Unmixed’.

Dark Matters feat. Ana Criado – The Quest Of A Dream (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:51)
Binary Finary – 1998 (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:22)
Billy Hendrix – Body Shine (Dabruck & Klein vs Stafford Bros Remix) (06:25)
Lustral – Legacy (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:24)
Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 (Dabruck & Klein Instrumental) (07:30)
Orjan Nilsen – Nocturnal (Dabruck & Klein’s Opinion Mix) (07:03)
Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:29)
Chris Reece – Salvation (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:55)
Ransom – My Dance (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:07)
Mischa Daniels feat. I-Fan – Child Of Love (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:22)
Shogun feat. Emma Lock – Save Me (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (05:06)
Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:03)
Vincent De Moor – Sunflower (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:04)
Dabruck & Klein feat. Stella Attar – Light Coming Out of Your Eyes (Original Mix) (06:05)
Simon & Shaker – Naco (Dabruck & Klein vs DBN Mix) (06:48)
Jerome Isma-Ae – Hold That Sucker Down (Dabruck & Klein vs Dohr & Mangold Remix) (06:36)
Dabruck & Klein feat. Ollie James – I Found Love (Dabruck & Klein Hands on Armada Remix) (07:38)
dA frESh – Yesterday (Dabruck & Klein & Laserkraft 3D Remix) (07:18)
Lustral – Everytime (Tocadisco vs Dabruck & Klein Remix) (05:30)
Dakota – Chinook (Dabruck & Klein vs De Leon & Gum Me Remix) (05:36)
Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns – This Light Between Us [Bonus Track] (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (07:02)