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As the official third and fourth single off his ‘Global Age’ artist album, ‘Infinite’ and ‘Free Time’ are on duty to madden the crowd, rock the speakers and turn the heads in wonder. Mike Dierickx, residing under his Push alias for more than 15 years already. His ‘Global Age’ album marked the return of the Push live show in 2009, and brought along a slew of new, tasty Push releases.
With this new EP package, Push balanced between trance and progressive. Heavily influenced by both genres, the first of the two tracks, ‘Free Time’ finds itself comfortably stuck between two sounds. Mike knows more than well how to deal with emotions in his tracks, and so you’ll find both ‘Free Time’ and ‘Infinite’ moving tracks that don’t just rush by without getting noticed. ‘Infinite’, is a big swirl of indulging progressive stabs, leaving you both breathless and affected.
We’ve said it before, but it never gets old. So here we go: Push is back in full effect!

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