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For Dutch sound-creator Marvin ‘Tjamma’ Lie Atjam, better known under his Capstar moniker, it all started in 2006, when his ‘Do It Easy’ release rocked Mischa Daniel’s Fame Recordings. After a break, he got back into the music and returned with ‘I Need You’, earlier this year. Both tracks still resound in our heads, but there’s plenty of room for one more. And that one is follow-up ‘Let Me Be’.
‘Let Me Be’ has groovy house written all over it. Snare fills, extended drops, a strong build-up and an even stronger climax will cause much more than just a little foot twitching while you’re listening.
On the remix, Dutchman Miguel O’Syrah toyed around with various sounds. On his housy rework, minimal effects meet traditional house synths, backed up by a warm sounding melody. Another special house anthem that perfectly fits the Zouk sound.