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An early flame that was way ahead of its time. Nightmare, produced by Alberto Bertapelle, was an international hit that caused a craze around the pizzicato strings sound. In the past decade, Brainbugs Nightmare grew out to an absolute classic. And yes, we have to admit that its melody, eerie atmosphere and constant drive still work on todays dance floor.
This timeless classics sees its re-release in 2010 with all the remixes in one pack! UKs most entertaining DJ, Judge Jules, stirred things up in his maddening trancy remix, while the Club 69 remix takes you back to the era of funky disco with a twist of 80s house. The Phat Manhattan mix hits minimalistic tech-house, the Burger Queens bites into an acid type of prog-house, while Tall Paul gave it an uplifting spin. The Ingo Mix, Sinister Strings, Chiller Twist and Psycho Mix will also serve you quite some extraordinary mixes!

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