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There can never be too much progressive house, especially if it finds its origin in Blake Jarrells studio. The Chicago based producer/DJ has his sight fixed on a broad and open-minded horizon, looking back on the release of a pure housy I Think Im In Love under his Weightless alias and touching the techy side of EDM with Hosoi.

Travelling the globe to please the crowd is part of Blakes everyday life. There isnt many places he hasnt spread his sound yet. Inspired by his travels, he names the follow up EP to Borocay and Manila after another two beautiful destinations. Galapagos, an ode to the Ecuadorian island-group, is a light-hearted feel-good track with catchy progressive stabs. Same goes for Patagonia, but the difference is in the more distortive, cheeky sound. Two keepers!

B.O.N.G., the alias of Argentinean producer Juan Carlos Escobar Villalba, reworked Galapagos into a break-beatish, easygoing remix of progressive delicacy.

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