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As one of UK’s up and coming EDM talents, Ben Nicky knows how to shake things up. After getting to know his sound on VANDIT releases ‘Special Moment’ and ‘Altitude’, Ben Nicky also pleased the AVA Recordings fans with ‘Tears’. He’s making sure the volume stays up loud, cause this time he’s kicking in with ‘Rattle’.
Deep effects and tingling synth-melodies — this is ‘Rattle’ throughout! Without a sign of clatter, this tempting masterpiece awaits you with an unexpected climax shortly after the breath-taking break. ‘Rattle’ stirs, rouses, but above all, takes you in.
British talent Paul Vernon gave ‘Rattle’ a different feel with daring effects and sub-melodies. He also toyed around with the uplifting touch of the original version. Same goes for US producer Nate ‘Audien’ Rathbun, whose translation soothes with a Balearic trance feel but kicks in with a fat bassline all the same.