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Ben Nicky brings an interesting and versatile E.P. to the AVA realm of sounds. Not only does he show off his young, but ever-growing talent for everything stuck between melodic trance and sturdy prog-house, he also teams up with one of trance’s most multi-talented producer. Both fit for the upcoming summer parties, let’s get inside ‘Spring Break’ and Nicky’s very own ‘Drizzle’.
‘Drizzle’ smoothens the beat-eating soul with a melodically layered sound. Warm and light at the same time, this blend of prog and trance slips right into your system, playful and grotesque at the same time. A great follow-up to ‘Rattle’, just in time for the summer madness to kick off.

If anyone’s aware what successful anthems are made of, it’s Belgian mastermind M.I.K.E.. Six album releases under various guises – including Push and Plastic Boy, dance and chart successes all over the world and remixes for big names like Sinead ‘O Connor, Moby, Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren all speak in his favor. After getting an invite for Andy Moor’s ‘Spirit Pulse’ collab, he’s cordially invited for a team-up with the British DJ and producer Ben Nicky. Nicky’s ‘Rattle’ still makes the floors go wild, and so do his collabs with Mark Eteson and Linnea Schossow. On ‘Springbreak’, the masterminds indulge you with an audible bit of holiday, straight from the speakers.

Diversity tingles the marvelous production of ‘Spring Break’, as it unfolds from a sturdy bass-driven progressive house track to an uplifting piece of perfection. And it doesn’t stay there. Before you even get a full grip of its effect, ‘Spring Break’ jumps right back to dark, bold beats, in a feet-killing tempo. For a more aggressive prog take on ‘Spring Break’, try M.I.K.E.’s ‘Progressive ReTake’.