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Keeping the EDM machine going with soulful productions such as ‘Waiting For The Sun’ and ‘Cut & Run’, is Estonian producer Madis Sillamo. Providing nothing but the warmest beats and on-fire melodies, he’s keeping things alight with a new release. Making you surrender to the dreamy, angelic voice of vocalist Emma Lock, once again, Beat Service delivers another jewel with ‘Not Out’.
A little mystery, tenderness and intangible prog-trancy depth come together in this S107 release. It’s got everything a good, contagious trance track needs, including that warm-blanket feeling, rushing towards you as the beat kicks in.
Remixing’s Beat Service previous single ‘Hiding To Nothing’, makes UK producer Xtigma no stranger to the sound. His remix of ‘Not Out’ got a little more groovy on the edges, touching the big-room feel without losing the intimate feel of the original. Estonia producer Kaimo K, on the other hand, focuses on the harder, more up-tempo side of ‘Not Out’, turning it into one big piece of energy.