ARTY – Save Me Tonight (Official Music Video) [Directed by Noah Centineo, Starring Lily Collins]

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There’s no telling how he does it, but ARTY has once again conjured up a song that gets fans hooked in the blink of an eye. Offering an exciting blend of stunning piano chords and powerful vocals before erupting into melodic, high-impact dance music madness, ‘Save Me Tonight’ is an instant highlight, crowd favorite and airwave smash in one.

Directed by: Noah Centineo
Starring: Lily Collins
Edited by: Miles Cables
Produced by: Triggr&Bloom, Armada Music, ARTY, Brett Bassock, Kyle McCarthy and Noah Centineo
Concept by: ARTY and Noah Centineo

Actors: ARTY, Brett Bassock, Alex McCarthy, Cindy Kimberly, Josh Heller, Kyle McCarthy, Lily Collins, Michele Plaia, Noah Centineo, Christopher Meyer, Sarah Bahbah, Savannah Reller and Shiri Aljadeff

Special Thanks to: Ed Palumbo, Gavin Longworth, Joe Angelo Menconi, Joël de Vriend, John Bradbury, Kyle Anderson, Michael Jade and Monica Blackburn

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