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The ever so heavy hearted, deep progressive sound of Canadian producer Arnej Secerkadic finally saw some daylight. It’s spring inside the mastermind behind ‘Strangers We’ve Become’, ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ and ‘They Always Come Back’. Arnej always comes back, but this time he’s doing it slightly different. With a cheery, uplifting EP, out on the Coldharbour label.
‘They Need Us’, hammered by Markus Schulz in his Global DJ Broadcast, soon grew out to a true public’s favourite. Unlike Arnej’s previous productions, this one is an absolute feel-good track with an light and energetic sound to it. Though still all about the Arnej trademark – atmosphere, depth and kicks at the right places – ‘They Need Us’ opens a new chapter in the career of the Canadian DJ.
On the flipside, there’s a little game of dancefloor sweeping going on. ‘Ping Pong’ beats the hell out of any club speaker, with an acid kind of trip into progressive and a stunning synth-driven trancy break.
Both ‘Ping Pong’ and ‘They Need Us’ are part of Markus Schulz’ ‘Las Vegas ’10’ compilation, causing major mayhem on CD 1 and 2.

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