Arnej Feat. Josie – Strangers we’ve Become
Download the track here:

Atmospheric, emotional darkness with a small crack of light to reach for. It might just be the best way to describe Arnej’s sound. His deep, characteristic style has made his name rise to great heights. With tracks like They Always Come Back, The Ones That Get Away, Rendezvous and several quality stuff under his 8 Wonders alias, Arnej was settled with a much wanted position in the producer elite of the trance scene. Luckily, the success didnt lower his determination to fill the clubs with more of his beats and melodies.

He has even taken a step further, and started working his first vocal track. Strangers We’ve Become contains the lovely vocals of Josie, the younger sister of the already renowned trance singer Jaren. They teamed up with Arnej, wrote some devastating good lyrics, warmed up Josies voice and brought us a big dose of shivers carrying the name Strangers We’ve Become.
Strangers We’ve Become is another big Arnej release, that deserves to be haloed by the Armind label.