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Featured track is: The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O’Callaghan Remix)

The Universal Religion series comprises a collection of tunes so deliciously Balearic and timeless that you could play all 3 chapters in succession without missing a beat. The music, like the island, retains its beauty and appeal year after year, despite numerous pretenders to its crown. Every year another island is billed as the new Ibiza, says Armin, and every year they never live up to Ibizas vibe. Its just so beautifully located, the weathers great, and best of all, it has 6 or 7 of the worlds greatest clubs within 20 miles of each other!

The Universal Religion concept is embodied in records that work in the car or at home on the stereo as much as in a club. Universal Religion 3 was recorded live on August 21 in summer 2007, at the legendary Amnesia. In typical Ibizan style, an unplanned set list became the perfect CD release: a spontaneous selection of records that embodied the Universal Religion brief against the buzz of a crowd enjoying a world-renowned club. For my music, Amnesia is the best club in Ibiza, says Armin. Its without doubt one of my top 3 clubs in the world. I wanted this CD not to be about Armin Van Buuren, but about the music itself, which is why it was recorded live there. It adds to the feeling, the experience, so you can feel like youre there, having a great time with your friends.

While most albums are meticulously planned, the mix is as organic as it gets, making it a unique capsule from one heady night on Isla Blanca. I had the first two tracks lined up, and the rest I just chose as I played, gauged on the reaction from the dancefloor, says Armin. Tracks like Big Sky, Sunlounger and Daydream are pure Balearic gems. Its scary to record something live but once the music starts flowing you lose yourself to it.

The title, Universal Religion, acknowledges dance musics faithful the world over. Chapters 1 and 2, recorded in 2003 and 2004, remain firm favourites in many CD collections, and with repeated requests for a new instalment in the series, 2007 proved the obvious time for its return. Many people really liked the sets I recorded from Amnesia and played on my radio show, and there are a lot of good records out at the moment that have the Universal Religion feel, says Armin. Ive been waiting for the best tracks. I love the tunes on this CD – you can immerse yourself in it and enjoy the journey like a book. Universal Religion is timeless Balearic tunes sound good forever…

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