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Italian singer/songwriter Aqua Diva rocks the ZOUK label with a warm flowing, contagious vocal track. ‘What Is Love?’ is that one flirty tune to get you into the mood for summer!

Start finding someone to fall in love with, cause this song will be your anthem! Rushing in like a warm breeze, while stealing your heart with tender piano, is ‘What Is Love?’ is all about.

If the original doesn’t move you, there’s always the energetic Total Sound & Blinders remix, housy and contagious Jesse Voorn mix, prog-housy Antillas & Dankann remix and funky Ron May remix!

What Is Love? (Original Radio Edit) (03:19)
What Is Love? (Original Mix) (07:05)
What Is Love? (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit) (04:31)
What Is Love? (Antillas & Dankann Remix) (07:18)
What Is Love? (Total Sound & Blinders Radio Edit) (03:44)
What Is Love? (Total Sound & Blinders Remix) (06:08)
What Is Love? (Ron May Remix) (07:54)
What Is Love? (Jesse Voorn Remix) (06:43)