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With classics and more than 15 years of musical involvement under their belt, it’s a surprise these two masterminds didn’t team up sooner. Both busy with their own imprints and writing trance history with their very own, distinctive sounds, it’s a wonderful blend of two gifted, ever-growing producers that present ‘Spirit’s Pulse’. The long-awaited collaboration by the legends of Andy Moor and M.I.K.E..
There’s no trance party that doesn’t involve the tracks or remixes of either one of these producers. And for the upcoming months, there’s no party that’ll miss ‘Spirit’s Pulse’ either. A gentle vocal, soothing trance elements, a proggy drive and bold beats define this beat beauty. Move to the pulse of this new found blend, combining the best of both worlds.
Next to M.I.K.E.’s own remix, revealing the harder side of his sound, Romanian producer Adrian Ivan – better known as Mr. Pit – gave ‘Spirit’s Pulse’ a right punch in the face, with a tough build-up that rapidly unfolds its gentle, trancy core.
Last but not least, it’s Ukrainian producer Omnia who gave ‘Spirit’s Pulse’ a new flow of melody, soothing and flawlessly oozing over from deep, layered progressive to powerful trance.