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The secret to The Bearded Man’s success is nothing more than an old-fashioned entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to travel the world, you need only think about what you want in any given situation, and then assume that there are others who want the same thing. When The Bearded Man first washed up in Mexico, confused and somewhat addled by the mid-day summer sun, he felt parched. Not for water mind you, but for the elixir of life — for aguardiente as it was affectionately called. Wandering to the local port, he struck up a conversation with Lost Frequencies, who had moored a humble ship there. The two began discussing music and the intricacies of beards, and soon a deal was struck. They would spend the next several years as rum-runners in the gulf, bringing high quality spirits into Texas. Alphabet and Arc would meet them there, they’d toast, and our hero would set sail once more. Of course, they don’t do that ‘Anymore’…

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