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Alexander Popov has been a leading figure within trance music, ever since the start of his musical career, back in 2007. His unique and open-minded sound carved him a way to the top, while simultaneously winning the support and respect of fans and colleagues alike.
Now, not even two years after the release of his first studio album ‘Personal Way’ in November 2013, Alexander Popov is back with ‘Interplay’, a product of his unprecedented love for music. Containing a huge amount of his own slammers, complemented with absolute gems including David Gravell’s Remix of ‘Lost Language’ and a stunning collaboration with Cosmic Gate, ‘Interplay’ is another highlight in the career of the Russian mastermind.

When it comes to the absolute best, Alexander Popov’s ‘Interplay’ compilation is where your search ends. It might just be preceding the course of electronic music, guiding it past the existing boundaries and taking it further than it’s ever been. Because in the Popov world, the future is now.

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