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In the past few months, no other European country was more in the spotlights than Sweden. One A-quality house record after the next was released, and Sweden’s definitely had its share in this. Upcoming talent Alex Sayz is just one of the successful Swedish house chefs this Scandinavian country has to offer. After teaming up with two male vocalists for his previous tracks ‘Shame On Me’ and ‘Never Give Up’, he now presents his first vocal collab with a woman – and what a talent she is! No one less than the sexy Nadia Ali is ready to enchant you – like she did with iiO and Armin van Buuren, to name but a few of her impressive collaborations.

‘Free To Go’ rides a warm, progressive sound that has summer written all over. Its melodic piano harmonies and rousing beats perfectly match Nadia’s remarkable, characteristic voice. Hammering piano lines take turns with delicate synth effects, making you dance to this masterpiece of a track at the very instant it kicks in.
On the flipside, another Swedish Alex presents what he’s made of. Alex Lamb, who’s just released his ‘Freedom’ track on the ZOUK label as well, takes ‘Free To Go’ to the deep, adding techy flavors to the lovely house piece. Twisting and turning with techy powers, is Andy Harding’s rework of ‘Free To Go’. His warping main line will surely wow the crowds.