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Are you an artist or producer ?
We promote your music in our channel and beside the promotion, you have the chance to win a share from the 1000$ prizepool.
1st place = 400$
2nd place = 250$
3rd place = 150$
4th place = 120$
5th place = 80$


Are you ready? Here is what you need to do:

Make a 60 minutes compilation with your original songs and submit it at [email protected] . Get promoted and win a cash prize !

How we decide the winners ?
– We start to upload one compilation every day, from 3rd September to 30 September.
– After the upload, we track the video’s likes, feedback, audience retention, shares, etc. and compare them to decide what are the best 3 music compilation.

What music can you use ?
– You can use any of your tracks, released or not, but if you have signed with a record label, you need to have their permission to participate.

– If you include remixes of any songs whose copyright you don’t own, you will also be excluded from the contest.

When we decide the winner ?

If the last mix submitted is uploaded on 30 September, it will be tracked till 29 October. After comparing the analytics of all the mixes, we’ll decide the winner on 1st of November, and pay the winners via PayPal on 2nd of November.

Is anything else you should know ?

After submitting the compilation, on the email, we will send you our full agreement for promotion and participating at the contest.

Get your share from our 1000$ Prizepool, and be promoted in our community !

In order to begin, we need to have 12 participants validated for the contest!

SONG: Paradise – Together ( Loskop Remix )

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